Solar Film

Want to block out heat, glare & UV and save on energy bills?

Shade and Frost Window Tinting have a simple and cost effective solution the
problems the environment can cause.
We install premium quality solar films to help protect fading of furniture, flooring, office displays/stock and many more.

Having privacy film installed at the workplace is a cost-effective way to create privacy amongst employees without blocking out the natural light. for example, Interview rooms, Business fronts, office rooms and partitions.

Homes and offices have the choice of full privacy or partial with the choice of cut patterns and film height.

All our solar films will block out 99% of UV light whilst reducing heat and glare by up to 85%

Shade and Frost Window Tinting can apply many number of solar films to match and determine your needs.
Choose from a variety of tints and colours that will allow you to change the look of your home and business on the
outside whilst preserving your view on the inside.

Solar film can also give you added privacy from onlookers in front of your home and business during
the daytime with a range of our reflective solar film.

keep your home more comfortable during the summer months whilst keeping the heat in your home
during the cooler months.

Benefits of having Shade and Frost Window Tinting
install your solar film

  • Protect your family and reduce the risk of fading interiors by cutting out 99% of the harmful UV light with our range of solar films.
  • Enhance the look of your home or business
  • Increase privacy with a range of reflective solar films
  • Reduce Heat & glare by up to 85%
  • Reduce the glare on TV’s and Computers screens
  • Reduce the cost of buying additional blinds e.g. daytime blinds
  • Feel comfortable all year round in the warmer months and cooler months
  • Help reduce your energy bills by up to 30%

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